German patent spring選用德國進口專利彈簧

採用德國製造高碳錳鋼鋼纜線製作而成的桶型彈簧,分別裝入強力耐用的進口不織布袋中,防潮、拉力強,可長久保持彈簧的最佳狀態。By adopting German-made high carbon steel/manganese steel wires to produce tube springs and individually place them into strong and durable import PP cloth bags.The features of damp-proof and strong pulling force can maintain springs’best condition for a longer life.

1.獨立筒pocket spring


  • 德國原裝進口獨立袋裝彈簧採用全區支撐系統1.8MM最高品質高碳鋼彈簧鋼線,運用人體工學全段式排列,預壓式彈簧裝填,提供優質睡眠平台,請您感受與眾不同的睡眠品質。German import independent pocket springs adopt a whole-area support system, the highest quality 1.8MM  carbon steel springs wires,uses ergonomically full-section arrangement, pre-compressing springs to fillings for providing quality sleep forum and have you experiencing a while different sleep quality .



  • 當彈簧受壓時,彈簧會自開口處向下施壓,避免彈簧受力後由中間偏移,從而改進床墊的舒適度。LFK spring,when the compression spring bed nets,spring will be downward pressure from the opening,improve mattresses comfort.



  • Bonnell彈簧,拉網式的彈簧高覆蓋率更好的分佈體重並適應人體的體型起到均衡承托人體的作用,加強型護邊彈簧。Bonnell springs, the high coverage of Matress springs allow better body weight distribution and able to adopt human body shape and support human body in balance,edge enhancing springs .